Shale Gas Revolution and Energy Security
Wednesday, April 17, 2013
6:00pm – 7:30pm EST
Uris 1st Floor - 142
3022 Broadway, New York, NY 10027
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The Center on Japanese Economy and Business, Columbia Business School presented:

The 14th Annual Mitsui USA Symposium

Shale Gas Revolution and Energy Security

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Nobuo Tanaka, former Executive Director, International Energy Agency (IEA); Global Associate for Energy Security and Sustainability, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ)

Summary report available here.

Mr. Tanaka's presentation file available here.


Geoffrey M. Heal, Donald C. Waite III Professor of Social Enterprise, Columbia Business School

Travis Bradford, President, Prometheus Institute for Sustainable Development; Associate Professor of Professional Practice in International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

Paul J. Scalise, JSPS Research Fellow, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo


Hugh Patrick, R.D. Calkins Professor of International Business Emeritus; Director, Center on Japanese Economy and Business, Columbia Business School

Mr. Tanaka analyzed, from a long-term perspective, Asian and global energy supply and demand by examining the following: 1) The "Shale Gas Revolution," geopolitical upheaval in the Middle East, and other changes in the global energy environment, 2) Trends in the global economy, in particular the growth of developing countries, especially in Asia, and 3) Trends in energy and global warming policies.

The use of low-carbon emission alternative technologies that increase energy efficiency and decrease reliance on carbon fuels is expected to continue increasing because they are expected to slow global warming and to help stabilize energy supply. However, policy changes influenced by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster are expected to cause delays and decrease further development of nuclear energy worldwide. With these factors in mind, this symposium aims to present a picture of long-term global energy supply and demand, as well as the energy policies that Japan should adopt.

Following Mr. Tanaka’s remarks, three discussants responded and shared their views on this topic.

Co-sponsor: The Mitsui USA Foundation

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Uris 1st Floor - 142, 3022 Broadway, New York, NY 10027

Wednesday, April 17, 2013, 6:00pm – 7:30pm

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