Dear CBS Community,

These have been a rough couple of weeks, and we recognize that the recent killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and David McAtee have caused fear, anxiety, and pain to members of our community. We further acknowledge that these incidents are especially uncomfortable as they invoke America’s history of enslavement and its implications - especially the history of baseless killings of black women, men, trans, and non-binary people. These past few weeks remind us that anti-black racism is real. However, despite conflicting societal feelings on the current demonstrations, we are also reminded of the value that can be created when communities across cultures unite their voices, aggregate their resources, and work together.

CBS is more than just a professional school. We are a community of future business leaders who are learning to create value for society and transform the world. The reality is we will move forward from this institution one day to lead organizations and manage people. Instances like this induce trauma, which in turn negatively affects people’s mental health and general performance. It is critical that we reflect on how we can use this moment to learn. Learn how to check in on friends. Learn how to support colleagues. Learn how to leverage resources and petition organizations to provide resources to those affected by instances like this. In order to create and sustain value, not just in business but also in everyday life, it is crucial that we make sure people have what they need to process and recover.

In these times of global isolation, we are encouraged by our community’s groundswell of interest in having conversations to unpack, process, and learn from this socio-cultural moment.  We may be apart, but we are still one CBS. We are one community. We have each other’s backs, and we will hold each other up.

BLM Resources