The Career Management Center Presents: What Women Leaders Need in 2022 with Jill Avey '06

by Experienced Professionals Career Management

Administrative/Team/Program Career Management

Wed, Nov 3, 2021

12 PM – 1 PM EDT (GMT-4)

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Leading successful teams in the post-pandemic world requires a new style of leadership.  Women are particularly well-positioned to transform their teams by leading with empathy and dialogue to create the psychological safety needed for people to open up to each other, engage in healthy conflict, and capture everyone’s best thinking. Then, they are able to create the bottom-up innovation that companies need now.

This new leadership model also gives women leaders the tools and awareness to create the groundwork so that diversity, inclusion, and equity can emerge in a sustainable way, and become a competitive advantage.

Join coach Jill Avey ' 06 to discover the 4 Pillars For Women’s Success:

Self-Leadership: The cornerstone of leadership is self-awareness. We explore why self-awareness is mission critical to success as a leader.
Team Communication and Inclusion: Learn how neuroscience-based communication skills can increase a leader’s impact, have all voices be heard, and create stronger connections while activating the #1 condition needed for teams to perform at their best.
Emotional Intelligence: Appreciating emotions for what they offer and how to develop greater ease in dealing with them.
Intentionally Planning Your Career: A robust career requires a network that supports, guides and propels a leader forward. Find out how to develop a network in a way that feels great, not cheesy, sleazy or self-serving.

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