Investment Banking Club

About the IBC

The IBC pursues its mission by educating members about investment banking in general and the recruiting process in particular. Through its alumni and recruiter connections, the IBC maintains strong relationships with Wall Street in order to provide members with as many opportunities in the field as possible.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Investment Banking Club (IBC) is to provide members with a forum to learn about the investment banking industry, with the overarching goal being to find summer or full-time investment banking positions for all interested members.


The privileges of membership include access to fall banking recruiting events, mentorship opportunities, a weekly newsletter, special bulletins via e-mail, inclusion in the resume book, and free/low-cost access to professional recruiting and technical training.


Events include case presentations, mock interview preparation, firm wide presentations, cocktail events, resume reviews, and financial valuation and modeling workshops. We have over 100 events each fall.

Finance and Economics at Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School is consistently ranked as one of the top schools in the United States for finance. Over half of the courses available at Columbia Business School are related to finance and economics.

As one of the premier schools in finance, CBS has an additional advantage because of the school's location in New York City, the world's financial center. This means that students interested in Investment Banking have access to the headquarters of many of the world's most renowned financial institutions. To learn more about the program at CBS visit the Finance & Economics website.

How to Join?

Membership is open to all current MBA, EMBA, and PhD students at Columbia Business School, as well as all Columbia Business School faculty and administrators. Students should join using CampusGroups during the club joining period each fall and spring semester.

Unfortunately, students outside of Columbia Business School cannot be members of the IBC. There are no exceptions to this rule.