Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please review the FAQs and if there is a question or topic not covered, please email and a member of the PPIL Coordination Team will reach out.

1. What is the PPIL deadline? The Fall 2023 deadline is December 1, 2023 and the Spring 2024 deadline is May 1, 2024 for Full-Time MBA students. Executive MBA student deadlines vary, depending on the dates for Orientation and Residence Week.

2. Where can I find the reflection form? Students can access the reflection forms in their CampusGroups Checklist. Students can also follow the link to access the Fall 2023 Reflection Form.

3. I missed an event, how can I fulfill the requirement? Students can find the most up to date PPIL calendar here. Students receive a weekly PPIL Events Digest with upcoming events via email.

4. I attended an event, but it's not reflecting in my Checklist, what do I do? Students must register and check-in to an event for attendance records to update. Please contact the event organizers, who can update your check-in status. Students can also contact the PPIL Coordination Team at and provide the confirmation email for event registration.

5. What happens if I don't complete the PPIL requirement? Students who do not complete the PPIL requirement by the official deadline will have a hold placed on their accounts which will bar them from registering, or being promoted off the waitlist for classes. Transcripts and diplomas will be withheld and enrollment letters of any kind will not be furnished until completion. Students receive several email communications before the hold is activated, with instructions on how to complete the PPIL requirement.

6. If I have just completed the PPIL requirement, when will my hold be lifted? Student holds will be lifted 1-3 business days after the requirement is complete.