MBA and Executive MBA Columbia Business School students are enrolled in the Phillips Pathway for Inclusive Leadership (PPIL) Program. Learn more about how PPIL is structured for each student population.

PPIL Requirements

Executive MBA Students: All students must participate in a total of FOUR (4) PPIL sessions and submit a post-event reflection form after each session. The first THREE (3) sessions take place during Orientation, Fall Residence Week, and Spring Residence Week. After the first three sessions, students must register and attend ONE (1) PPIL approved event and submit a post-event reflection form prior to graduation. Submission deadlines vary per term, students should check their CampusGroups Checklist for the official deadline.

Program Exemptions: Students can request to be exempt from the PPIL requirement by semester, if their status meets the following criteria: leave of absence, studying abroad through the Chazen Institute, medical absence, dual-degree students not in CBS residency, and stretch students. To request an exemption, students should email

Executive MBA Student Track

The EMBA Student PPIL track offers three structured PPIL sessions during mandatory residence weeks and includes the option of one self-selected event. In total, students participate in four (4) PPIL sessions throughout their time in the Executive MBA Program.

PPIL Session 1-Orientation Workshop

Students attend their orientation session which includes an introduction to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the PPIL Program, and their first PPIL workshop. Students must submit a reflection form after the event.

PPIL Session 2-Fall Residence Week

During Fall Residence week, students attend their second PPIL workshop (Psychological Safety and Inclusive Leadership) and submit a reflection form after the event.

PPIL Session 3-Spring Residence Week

During Spring Residence week, students attend their third PPIL workshop (Managing Intercultural Conversations) and submit a reflection form after the event.

PPIL Session 4-Elective Event

In their final terms, students select one (1) PPIL-approved event from the calendar of events and submit a reflection form after the event.

CampusGroups Checklist

The PPIL Checklist on CampusGroups tracks student attendance, hosts the post-event reflection form, and allows to review progress to completion with the program on a semester basis. Students can access this checklist by:

1. Logging onto CampusGroups

2. Reviewing the Navigation Menu on the left-hand side

3. Clicking on "My Checklists"

4. All students should see enrollment in "Phillips Pathway for Inclusive Leadership (PPIL) Track- EMBA Class of 20XX"