Grade Non-Disclosure (GND) - A CBS Norm

Columbia Business School students voted to implement a student norm of grade non-disclosure. This community norm states that students will not disclose grades, GPA’s, or transcripts to employers until a student accepts a full-time, post-graduation position with an employer. Students however may continue to disclose receipt of academic honors (e.g., Dean’s List) and membership in honor societies.

The students believe that grade non-disclosure has contributed to promoting greater risk-taking, teamwork, experiential learning, and community building in the classroom, resulting in more well-rounded graduates. Hopefully, this leads to better employees, and stronger leaders. While each student maintains the legal right to determine whether or not to disclose his or her grades, the CBS student body chose grade non disclosure as a collective norm to enhance the educational experience at Columbia. Accordingly, as highly valued members of our community, you are asked for continued respect of the CBS student body’s decision by refraining from asking students to disclose grades during the recruiting process until a student has accepted a full-time, post-graduation employment offer from your organization.