2020 Student Government Executive Board

We are the Student Government Executive Board (ExBo) for 2019-2020, and we are 15 second-year MBA students at CBS. We were elected by the 1,500 students at CBS, and we lead with the 280 Student Government cluster representatives. We partner closely with the Dean's Office, the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), the Career Management Center (CMC), External Relations, and various Centers on campus.

Julie Macdonough
Hansen Chang
Chris Fitzgerald
Steven Nelson
Parth Chopra
Caitlin Gallagher
Leticia Perez
Saloni Paliwal
Eleanor Haglund
James Pates
Shrey Gupta
Chief of Staff
Troy Singer
VP of Academics
Satsheel Redkar
Mehul Choudhary
Laethitia Patadji
Alexandra Camesas
VP of Alumni
Vishesh Garg
Joshua Fink
James Wang
Ashley Cooke
Ashley Stone
VP of Careers
Camira Livers-Powell
VP of Citizenship
Kyle Finck
VP of Citizenship
Andrew Roberts
VP of Clubs
Abhinav Agarwal
VP of Community
Ijeoma Anyanwu
VP of Community
Lisebeth Forbes
VP of Events
Rohan Oberoi
VP of Events
Ilay Karateke
VP of Global Citizenship
Marshay Clarke
VP of Marketing

Enjoying our Team Retreat

Dressing up for Fall Ball

Tabling at CBS Club Fair

Hosting CBS Talent Show

Leading Monthly Meetings

Traveling Abroad