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The Columbia Fintech & Blockchain Club is a student-led organization that aims to centralize and develop education, community, and innovation in the field of financial technology and web 3.0. The club encompasses the latest trends, technology innovations, and thought leadership in the Fintech and Web3 space while fostering connections and empowering students to pursue careers in these industries. The club serves as an integral part of Columbia Business School┬┤s technology and innovation ecosystem, as well as of the broader New York Fintech and Web3 community.









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Education: We aim to provide members with access to learning opportunities, whether de-mystifying fintech as an industry, or deep dives into specific sub-sectors, products or companies. Columbia FinTech connects students, faculty and industry professionals from various disciplines and departments to provide an opportunity to learn about developments in the industry through on-campus and off-campus opportunities. Events: A core advantage of Columbia FinTech's NYC location is its proximity to Silicon Alley, investors, startups and the financial services industry. Columbia FinTech regularly visits firms and events in the New York City and is expanding this to internationally in the coming year. Please visit our events page for more details or contact our VP of events. Careers: Columbia FinTech aims to connect our members to mentorship and career opportunities. Get in touch to learn more. Entrepreneurial Support: Adding to (and working alongside) Columbia University's existing entrepreneurial resources, we are passionate about helping FinTech startups in the Columbia community in any way we can. Whether you are looking for technical, regulatory, talent or financial support, we want to help any way we can. Contact our VP of Entrepreneur support to learn more

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