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The MCA's mission to prepare CBS students for a career in consulting -- which entails both unpacking what consulting as a profession entails, and tips on navigating the internship and full-time recruiting process.









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The MCA will provide holistic prep and support programming and communications for students interested in pursuing or exploring a career in consulting. This includes (but is not limited to) access to information on company recruiting events and deadlines; mentorship pairings; resume and application reviews; interview and interaction prep (to include company social events, coffee chats, case interviews, prep interviews), and general programming to demystify the world of consulting.

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Meeting new students with shared interest

Our Team

Raaghav Salem Karthikeyan Profile

Raaghav Salem Karthikeyan

Elana Sable Profile

Elana Sable

Jin Fan Profile

Jin Fan

Hannah Needle Profile

Hannah Needle

Peter Garrison Profile

Peter Garrison

Mariam Kharashvili Profile

Mariam Kharashvili

Alan Spadone Profile

Alan Spadone

Victoria Ingham Profile

Victoria Ingham

Joni Coughlin Profile

Joni Coughlin

Akshat Goel Profile

Akshat Goel

Ryan Arrigo Profile

Ryan Arrigo

Lei Kouame Profile

Lei Kouame

Ashley Suan Profile

Ashley Suan

John Coffin Profile

John Coffin

Peter Kelly Profile

Peter Kelly

Maulshree Singh Profile

Maulshree Singh

Ana Sofia Garcia Veray Profile

Ana Sofia Garcia Veray

Brandon Newquist Profile

Brandon Newquist

Kyle Macalinao Profile

Kyle Macalinao

Nicholas Partie Profile

Nicholas Partie

Chief Operating Officer
Jessie Shi Profile

Jessie Shi

Chief Financial Officer
Yasmine Scott Profile

Yasmine Scott

Chief DEI Officer
Tyra Moon Profile

Tyra Moon

VP of Consortium
Zach Zaffos Profile

Zach Zaffos

VP of J-Term
Kelsey Lau Profile

Kelsey Lau

VP of Corporate Strategy
Shiksha Ashok Kaushik Profile

Shiksha Ashok Kaushik

VP of Education
Ross Brown Profile

Ross Brown

VP of Education
Michelle Quinlisk Profile

Michelle Quinlisk

VP of Education
Clayton Eck Profile

Clayton Eck

VP of Case Prep
Anthony Fulham Profile

Anthony Fulham

VP of Case Prep
Ritu Malhotra Profile

Ritu Malhotra

VP of Mentorship
Austin DaCunha Profile

Austin DaCunha

VP of Mentorship
Katherine Osman Profile

Katherine Osman

VP of Mentorship
Alexander Sielfeld Lyon Profile

Alexander Sielfeld Lyon

VP of International
Laura Hyland Profile

Laura Hyland

VP of International
Evelyn Zhai Profile

Evelyn Zhai

VP of International
Kevin Mendonca Profile

Kevin Mendonca

VP of International
Jenni Walsh Profile

Jenni Walsh

VP of Corporate Relations
Alexander Gulati Profile

Alexander Gulati

VP of Corporate Relations
Francesco Serratore Profile

Francesco Serratore

VP of Community Engagement
Ryan Keating Profile

Ryan Keating

VP of Community Engagement


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