Event Submission Requirements

All PPIL events must be submitted on CampusGroups as part of the regular event creation form. Event coordinators must comply with the following procedures while creating the event in order to ensure PPIL approval:

Step 1

On the first page of the event creation form, you must include the following:

Event Tag: Must tag event with the Phillips Pathway for Inclusive Leadership

Advanced Options: Select “Co-host this event,” and then select the Phillips Pathway for Inclusive Leadership group under “Faculty and Staff.”

Step 2

On the second page of the form, must select “Yes” for the question:

 Would you like to submit this event for PPIL approval?

 This will prompt a separate form denoted as the PPIL Request Form.

Step 3

On the PPIL Request Form, must fill out all fields to the best of your ability with the most up-to-date information.

Upon submitting your event, please note that PPIL status will not hinder general event approval from the Dean’s Office and OSA, which will continue as normal.

Step 4

Please allow one week for the PPIL Coordination Team to communicate your event's approval status, request event edits, or request additional information.

Attendance Tracking Requirements

  • In order for students to receive PPIL credit for attending your event, their attendance must be tracked and they must be “checked-in” on CampusGroups accordingly. Working with our event organizers, registration and attendance tracking can be done easily on CampusGroups or via an external platform.
  • Please review this guide for attendance tracking instructions. This can be used whether you are collecting registrations in CampusGroups or using an external platform.